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$50.00 Dollar Shoes

So, we all know how it goes. You see a craft so cute you can’t stand it. You must not only make it, you must must massage an event out of your life to suit the use of said craft. Or, you may be blessed by God and be a teacher. Therefore, events abound you and you may just select one that will give you all that you desire from the crafting process. One, the audience of other crafters. Two, the opportunity to commiserate and conference over the making of this craft. And, finally the ability to have your creation validated. Since you did not make these items just to satisfy your crafting itch, they have worth and you are vindicated.

Unfortunately, for me I am not in denial and know that sometimes I create things just because they appeal to me. Now we come to the case of the $50.00 Witchy Poo shoes. While scrolling through Pintrest ( God save me), I happened upon these Halloween shoes made on a Cricut die cut machine and featuring Halloween paper and Oreos. OMG! I cannot be faulted for this undertaking. Everything about this craft screamed, “Do me!” I had most of the supplies. Die cut machine…check. Halloween paper … Are you serious (see studio pics), So,I bought the cartridge to make the cute shoes. After all I can use it for other stuff. There is a fundraiser ( angels sing here) On Wednesday, Un problemo…can’t find orange filled Halloween Oreos!

Did I mention I can become obsessed? Did you know that Oreos come from floor to ceiling in the cookie aisle? Did you also know that Oreos come in mint, Neapolitan, double stuffed chocolate, and football shapes? I didn’t and I couldn’t find Halloween Oreos for weeks. I was always too late or out of luck. I started to hedge my bets with peanut butter and winter red stuffed Oreos. All to no avail. The Halloween orange stuffed cookies were gone. I made my peace after searching for two weeks and sang in the choir on Sunday. Sunday afternoon I went to the airport to do good works and pick up My child at the airport. You know what happened then, right. I passed a store that had 1 bag of Halloween Oreos. On the way home I found another bag of Halloween Oreos. Making it a grand total of 10!bags of Oreos in my possession. If you add in the cartridge I am sure I hit $50.00.

I hear they made Candy corn Oreos, too. I wonder where they’re selling those? Maybe, up in Conroe, Do you think there is a crafter 12- step program?