Wedding Shower Invitation instructions

Wedding Shower invitation materials:

1-12″x12″ piece of double sided scrap paper
1-8″x11″ piece of cardstock background paper
1-8″x11″ piece of cardstock light colored paper to print poem, event invitation, and bride’s size requirements
1-envelope (invitation envelopes can be found at any office supply store in the stationary aisle)
assorted Stamps
Stamp pad/ or pads
assorted 3-D elements
* This is a wonderful project to use all the bits and pieces that we crafter’s always have and can’t bear to throw away. Each card can be individual as all of them will be going to different households. Don’t forget to send one to the bride (unless this is a surprise event.
1- type poem into word processing program, centering the text. Type party particulars below poem leaving at least 6 spaces between the poem and party information. Print out at
least 2 more copies than you need. Someone always needs to be invited at the last minute and having two extra is a good idea.
2- cut 2-8″x11″ rectangles from your 12’x12″ double sided scrap paper and set aside
3- cut 2-8″x5-1/4″ rectangles from your background piece of cardstock paper
4- Trim printed cardstock paper to 7-7/8″ x 5-1/4″ centering the poem.
5- Plot where you would like to place your 3 dimensional elements on your invite.
6- Use your large textures stamps to fill complimentary areas on your invite.
7- Glue papers in place.
8- Trim party particulars and punch out bride sizing information tag.
9- Glue party particulars to the back of the invite.
10- Add 3 dimensional elements to the front of your invitation. Then add a small 3 dimensional element to the tag. Set aside.
11- Cut a 11-1/4″x 7-1/2″ piece of velum. Fold sheet in half length wise and stamp with large bridal themed stamp. Allow time to dry or rub shading into the image and then let

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