Too Spooky for me! ( Halloween tree)

I finally got around to changing out my perpetual tree for Halloween.   I love the results.  I live in a tiny house now, so all my mountains of seasonal trinkets need a display space.  The seasonal display is so festive and gives me and my guests so much pleasure.  Happy Halloween.  Recipe below.

Recipe for Perpetual Trees

1- Artificial tree ( Any height or any color. Have fun)
1 set of central lights (led or C5’s depending on the size of your tree)
sets of accent lighting
sets of regular Christmas lights
inventive garland
large themed ornaments and/or signs
medium themed ornaments or ephemera
small themed ornaments or ephemera
themed sprays and/or picks
artificial and/or dried flowers flowers
Coordinating colored tulle
Quilts, fabric, or tree skirts

1. Assemble the inner post of your tree and set in it’s tree stand.
2. Before adding tree branches, wrap the inner trunk with C5 size lighting. LED’s or any bright string lights will do. * Remember that the exterior accents lights will be another color, so you can do whites in the center if you want.
3. Next add the branches.
4. Use your tulle (cut into 4-6 inch strips and tied into bows) to stuff into the gaps and hide your trunk.
5. wrap your branches with colored Christmas lights that accent your theme
6.Now drape your tree ( in whichever style you prefer) with your accent lighting. I happen to love crazy lights like eyeballs for Halloween and cherries for fourth of July)
7. Add your themed ornaments. The smaller near the top and the larger near the bottom.

* Pennants make wonderful garlands
* Any small toy or item can be made into an ornament with a well placed eye screw.
*You can dust your trees with your blow dryer set on cool.
*There are no rules!

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