The Student Relocation Book Preview

As teachers we become attached to our students and if you are like me your classroom becomes a micro-family. Unfortunately, sometimes students have to move away. While many moves are planned and we have time to say goodbye, some are quick and heartbreaking. I created the student relocation kit to help ease the transition of departure. The kit gives the student a way to keep in touch and be acknowledged. It also allows for the class to say goodbye and realize that the power of continuing relationships is in their hands.


First, you have to create the puffer book base.

2013-09-02 06.48.252013-09-02 06.49.432013-09-02 06.50.422013-09-02 06.53.162013-09-02 06.54.272013-09-02 06.59.082013-09-02 07.01.062013-09-02 07.01.542013-09-02 07.02.422013-09-02 07.03.012013-09-02 07.03.342013-09-02 07.04.022013-09-02 07.04.432013-09-02 07.05.40


Then assemble your materials:

2013-09-02 07.17.36


Finally, paste your downloads in place.

2013-09-02 07.20.442013-09-02 07.22.122013-09-02 07.22.422013-09-02 07.23.542013-09-02 07.24.092013-09-02 07.24.202013-09-02 07.24.38



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