So much time…so little glue

When I was a kid I was frustrated by the lack of crafting supplies that were around my house as a child. I grew up in various places and was used to entertaining myself. Unfortunately
I was underfunded. This created in me a great fondness for glue, paper and scissors. fortunately for me I was underfunded.

I often wonder who I would be if not left to my own to create my entertainment. My parents took such good care of me ,but they were of the studying, Sunday school attending, cleaning variety. They were wildly talented. My mom had been schooled by nuns and could knit,crochet, tat, embroider, and sew beautifully. Her work was exquisite and painstakingly produced.  My father could grow anything with a seed to enormous proportions.  Their creativity seeped into my very soul and for that I have been extremely thankful.

I take extreme pleasure in the power of creation.  To stand in a garden of your creation, work in a studio on your pet projects , or sit around making something with friends can be sublime.

Give it a try>  It will change your life.