Vogue 1691

This Tom and Linda Platt design is a wonderful design that is deceptively easy to sew. The greatest challenge will be matching the side chevrons. I used a wonderful Picasso poplin by Melanated Fabrics. The stripe repeat was not regular, therefore not all my stripes dovetailed at the side. I did not have enough fabric to match all the stripes. However, that did not take away from how lovely this dress turned out. The light hand and Bold graphics of this fabric meshed beautifully with this pattern. I am a Tom and Linda Platt fan. This is a great pattern for the Apple shaped woman.

McCalls 8090

This summer dress is luscious and fun. I shoes to add a black lace trim to view B of this pattern. The Ankara fabric (bought at the house of Miami Wata) when pre-washed was not 100% cotton. The fabric was a polyester blend that gave this dress a softer hand and drape. It wa a delight to sew and evokes summertime every time I wear it.

Vogue 9168

This dress designed for Vogue by Kathryn Brenneman has been in my pattern stash for a long time. My sewing partner in crime ( aka. My daughter Nicole) sent me a fabric care package with the most exquisite lace. It took a long time to mentally marinate and decide on a worthy pattern. Here it is paired with a red lace slip and self made belt. Unfortunately, the photo does not do the lace justice. I also used this lace on another garment in my August makes.

The lace fabric was from JoAnn’s Fabrics and the red charmeuse from Mood Fabrics.

Vogue 1799

This is another Rachel Comey design. Oversized and perfectly designed. Rachel is an apple-shaped woman’s best friend. Inside information from an advanced sewer: always read the pattern instructions. Never assume you know the next direction. Case in point. This dress has side pockets, not front pockets. Not only did I put pockets in the front seams, I also repeated those said pockets in the back.

Vogue 1799

This Rachel Comey dress continued my love affair with this designer. Rachel’s designs often seem boxy or large, but her designs are brilliant. As an apple shapes woman, I find her designs to be very flattering:

  • large expanses of beautiful fabric
  • Flattering necklines
  • Interesting sleeves
  • Flattering to the legs

The Ankara fabric I used is from the House of Mami Wata.

McCalls 8104

I had mixed feelings about this pattern due to the fit my daughter experienced on her version. I gave it a try since I bought 4 of them on an online sale. Always check your cart

I used an Ankara fabric from my local Pings Fabric store. My local Pings seems so small, but it always has what I need. Anyway, lo and behold L lost a few pounds and the dress fits beautifully.